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Router security in the wake of the CIA’s Cherry Blossom attack

If you have been following the news, you will have heard that the CIA has, since 2007, been exploiting security holes on some routers to eavesdrop on unsuspecting individuals. The project is reported to have covertly replaced the routers’ firmware with custom, Linux based versions, which gave the organization a stepping stone into target networks. […]

Could hackers drive off with an autonomous vehicle?

Self driving cars used to be the stuff of Science Fiction. Now, estimates indicate that up to 10 million autonomous vehicles will be cruising across the planet’s roads by 2020. The truth, however, is that this type of vehicle comes with a lot of cyber security risks. What do we mean by that? Cyber Security […]

Network Security Solutions using Cisco Meraki Security

Network Security Solutions – Build a Secure & Seamless Network with Cisco Meraki Solutions Network Security Solutions – With the continuous and fast growth of the worldwide web’s viability  , it is immensely important that a company must build secure, efficient, and seamless network connections to keep up with the volume of works that need to […]

What Are Intrusion Detection Systems And Why Are They Important?

What Are Intrusion Detection Systems And Why Are They Important? The term “Intrusion Detection Systems,” refers to programs (software) or devices that have been designed specifically for the purposes of monitoring a network and identifying potential vulnerabilities and ongoing attacks. IDS Types There are five main types of Intrusion Detection Systems. These are; Active Passive […]

Ransomware – Do You Really Care?

Contact us for a FREE check list on ransomware protection. Protect your business from ransomware. This article is about ransomware and some tips on ransomware protection. What is Ransomware? Ransomware, as the name suggests, is a kind of computer malware which affects a system’s normal working unless a ransom is paid by its user. The ransomware […]

What is Malware and its impact on business

What is Malware? Malware is a term that refers to any unwanted software which is designed to damage your system and access data without your consent. Malware is identified by its malicious intent of accessing or modifying data or services on a system or network. This is a broad term which includes virus, worms, Trojan […]

Network Security Basics – What and How!

Network Security is a term we all have heard of and understand but do we know enough to set up a secure network system for our own business whether big or small. Network Security refers to steps designed and taken to protect your network against unauthorized access, misuse or destruction. With every day advances in […]

Network Security Checklist and creating security policy for your company

Network security planning is a very essential process for every big and small organization these days. With increasing dependence on network and internet for every operation from inventory to billing and sales, it is very important that you have proper policies in place to guard against network attacks which can practically become business continuity issues. […]