End-to-end Network Solutions


We offer network consulting expertise that will ensure that your IT plan is implemented in the best possible way. We will do in depth network assessment to provide you a smart and cost effective solutions.


Network Planning

Proper planning in the beginning can prevent poor performance and reworks in the future. Our network specialists can help you plan a network solution not just for your current business goals but also work with you to understand future

 Network Design

Our experts will work with you to create the best possible design  keeping your specific goals in mind. Our designs are flexible, scalable and improve return on investment. We do various kinds of assessment studies and then provide a high level and low level design for optimum results. We not only consider current usage evaluation but also study growth plans to develop a future proof plan for you.

Project Planning

During the planning phase, we generate a project plan as well defining the scope of work and overall goals and deliverables. This helps you understand the vision of the project including costs involved and resources and timeframe needed.

Network Implementation

We have the expertise to deploy and configure infrastructure from all leading vendors. We can configure you network for best performance. We will take care of testing and integrating all your network elements.

Network Documentation

Network documentation can serve as the most valuable piece of information in case of network failures. It can help troubleshoot issues efficiently. We provide you detailed documentation with our network implementations including server names, roles, change logs, software versions, licenses, hardware component information, back up procedures etc. Such information, if well documented can make a system independent from its administrators.

New network gear purchase assistance

We have the experience of working with various leading hardware vendors. We can help you choose what is best for you based on your requirements for a longer run.

Network growth planning

We help you plan how the essential components –people, facilities and network will handle growth.  A strategic growth plan will ensure you are investing wisely with a long term goal. We understand the industry wide trends, we know the growth trends and we will assess your present position in the market, all this along with our experience can help you make educated estimations.

Network reliability and control planning

Network reliability refers to the ability of networks to perform desired operations at all times. Our specialists can help you design high availability, fault tolerant networks. We can help you set up disaster recovery systems. We are sure to increase your confidence in reliability of network elements and services.

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